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Intelligent technology is one of the driving forces of
the evolution of our daily life. 

Through machine learning
we develop applications that help humans
and offer unique solutions in the
field of safety, health and work.
At EvoAId our goal is to make our everyday
devices more effective and human centered
by using artificial intelligence to improve people’s life.

guardING Beats

Decisive security

The worldwide uniqe Guarding Beats personal security application makes alerting possible without manual intervention. The application can be activated with gesture recognition even if the phone is in the pocket or bag. With the technology you can offer added service to your customers and provide them security not only in the protected property, but also outside.

Caring signal

Sympathetic telehealth

In emergencies, communication can be a huge challenge for the elderly and people with disabilities. Caring Signal offers an artificial intelligence-based security and remote care solution, regardless of whether the user is awake or asleep.

TRacking vibe

Guiding machine vision

Traffic and weather effect impair the quality of the road and there are more and more potholes. They pose potential threat for the vehicles and mapping them is accidental and not environmental friendly. Such a solution is required which is automatized and able to create a database of the road defects in Real-Time. EvoAId Tracking Vibe uses artificial intelligence for road quality classification and is based on inertial sensor and video analysis. The result is a smart road defect logging system without any human resource.

Accounting SWISH

The digital assitant

Processing thousands of invoices and pairing them to the NAV XML is time and resource intensive procedure. That is why we have created Accounting Swish, which makes automatic invoice processing possible.

welding wave

Adaptable co-worker

Welding Wave is a deep neural network-based welding quality support system designed to detect and classify the most common types of welding defects. It can be trained to detect individual, site specific defects and will become more and more accurate through continuous learning. It accelerates the controlling process and makes relevant data transparent.

What does Evoaid offer?

Continuous machine learning

As with humans we believe in lifelong learning of the machine

gepi tanulas

Human centered solutions

We offer technologies for the most relevant fileds of human life: security, work and health

okos eszközök

Smarter everyday devices

No need for new hardware, we make them smarter that are already integral part of our everyday life


Transparent AI

We’d like to bring AI closer to the people


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