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In the field of personal security services, one of the most important issue,
in addition to emergency prevention, is how quickly assistance arrives.
Be it a personal safety or health related
emergency Guarding Beats offers an immediate solution.

The Guarding Betas technology allows users to trigger
alert with a specific hand or leg gesture even if
the smartphone is in the pocket or bag.

As a result help can be called in Real-time that can save lives.

Check out, How

Guarding Beats works!

Next generation of the

personal security service

You can acquire the Guarding Beats technology to your customer with your own brand.

You can offer a notification service or even strengthen the protection of your customers with a patrol service.

With all this, you can earn extra revenue without needing to increase your capacity.

Automated processes for

optimal operation

The client and the patrol application and the backend software are constantly working together

Responsive design and CRM modules ensure the optimal and effective operation.

Due to the integrated customer account, user interactions are also automated, so the need for traditional customer service administration is minimal.


WHAT DOES Guarding Beats OFFER?

Revoltuionary technology

International patent application (PCT/HU2018/000039) based technology with your own brand

forradalmi tech


Surveillance software, patrol application, user management, authentications

hozzáadott szolg

Added service

Security not only in the protected property but outside


FRAME documentation

Consumer information, GTC, Privacy Policy

Professional acknowledgment

HTE Fekete László Innovation Award - 2020

Gergő Nagy, the Founder & CEO of EvoAId Kft. earned the award for his work with the
Guarding Beats safety application.

Try the Guarding Beats technology playfully