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EvoAId accepted into NVIDIA Inception Program

This program offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, exclusive Inception events, GPU discounts, and more.

The NVIDIA Inception program will greatly increase the development speed of the EvoAId technologies and provide safe services to families and individuals.

We provide deep neural network technologies to corporate challenges in the sectors of personal safety, health care and industry 4.0.

Our main project is the Guarding Beats safety application that offers a worldwide unique gesture control, that allows user to trigger alert, even if the phone is int the pocket, or bag. No need for wearable, only smartphone is required.

The health care version of EvoAId provides comprehensive personal safety and care solution for people after stroke with epilepsy, side paralysis and speech disorder. The solution is based of the Guarding Beats technology but adjusted to motion characteristics of the target audience and complemented with automatic alerting.

Our Industry 4.0 project is an AI based welding quality support system. Our machine learning model classifies welding quality according to the most common types of defects.