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EvoAId was founded in 2016 got funded by venture capital in 3 rounds and we are ranked as the
most innovative AI companies in Hungary by such an international platform like,
datamagazine and
At EvoAId we are working along 3 mission statements. We are data driven, multisectoral and socially responsible.
The best framework for our missions to be achieved is the smart city where loads of information including images,
texts, and times series data is generated. To process and handle this data synergistically we have built a comprehensive IT infrastructure which consists of AI based computer vision, language processing and sequential data analysis and the
dedicated software and hardware environment.
Our innovative solutions address multiple action fields of smart city such as smart living, mobility and economy.
Therefore we envision ourselves as a catalyst of the smart city on a global scale.

Our Team

Our experts

Gergő Nagy

Founder & CEO

Bálint Czeba

Head of development

Dániel Szántó

senior developer

Melinda Pintér

office manager

József Jagicza

iOS developer

Petra Csobánka

Project coordinator


Géza DR. Németh

IT advisor

Bálint DR. Gyires Tóth

IT advisor

Csaba DR. Danyi

Legal advisor

Open positions

Software developer

We are looking for a developer to further develop and operate our deep neural network based software.

Expectations: Python, Java knowledge
Advantage: iOS developer experience
Tasks: application development

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