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Tracking Vibe

Guiding machine vision

The client side system is able to process video and sensor data at the same time by running
a deep neural network based model. The server side system saves the data coming from the
client side and displays easily interpretable statistics and visualizations on the front-end.

Client side system

By applying deep neural network based model the system is able to classify or detect predetermined objects.

By applying deep neural network based model the system is able classify time series data extracted form inertial or other sensors.

The relevant data are time-stamped and can be georeferenced if needed even at the level of objects.

All of this is realised in Real-Time and run on target hardware optimized for applying deep neural network and equipped with uniterruptible power supply. This approach support the minimization of the data sent toward the server side.

server side application

The server side application recieves and saves the data coming from the client side.

The platform provides the ability to filter data in detail and to display statistics in order to support business decisions. 

The front-end displays map visualizations about the recorded datapoints and objects detected by the system. 


What does Tracking Vibe offer?

Object detection

predetermined object detection or classification

gepi tanulas

edge computing

Client-side hardware system


Server side application

user friendly front-end and data processing


Deep neural network-

based video and sensor data processing




„Development of the pilot version of a complete road and air quality monitoring system”